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Import your data into one Social Media Posting Plan and let the time work for you.

One brand package
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Import your data into one Social Media Posting Platform and let time work for you..

$ 49.99 /year
Save 20%
$ 4.99 /month
1 account per network
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  • Facebook, Twiiter, LinkedIn, Tumblr auto posting
    Premium support
    Spintax support
    Watermark support
    Image Editor support
    Cloud import: Google drive, Dropbox
    Storage: 250 MB

Most Popular package
best social media management tool
Ideal Social Media Scheduling System for those agencies or freelancers with several clients in their hands.

$ 199.99 /year
Save 20%
$ 19.99 a /month
3 accounts per network
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  • Facebook, Twiiter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, VK, Telegram auto posting
    Instagram features: Auto posting & Premium Analytics
    Premium support
    Spintax support
    Watermark support
    Image Editor support
    Cloud import: Google drive, Dropbox
    Storage: 1000 MB

  • Free 14 Days Trial
Sync your big business in one place
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The most convenient Social Media Management System - all bigger digital marketing agencies prefer.

$ 899.99 /year
Save 20%
$ 89.99 /month
10 accounts per network
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  • Facebook, Twiiter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, VK, Telegram, Reddit, OK auto posting
    Instagram features: Auto posting, PRO Instagram BOT & Premium Analytics
    Premium support
    Spintax support
    Watermark support
    Image Editor support
    Cloud import: Google drive, Dropbox
    Storage: 3000 MB

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Enable the perfect social media process

FlotFlot Social Media Posting Posting Platform integrates with a large number of social channels. The main ones are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Ok, LinkedIn, Google and Vkontakte. Finally, you can sync all your social media posting planners in one place.

We know how important it is to automate social media posting, and we’ve built the perfect Social Media Management Tool. This convenient tool is a must for everyone who is in the business with SEO Search Engine Optimization) and Digital Marketing agencies.

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Get ready for brilliant Social Media Posting!

Feel free to keep all of your social media content in one place and accessible on any device you have. We built a Social Media Management System which easily can sync photos, videos and other content from your phone, desktop, Google Drive or Dropbox.

But that’s not all, there is a great image editor for your Social Media Posting, which helps you edit your images in just a few drag-and-drop operations. Here you can add your ready-to-use watermark, which can save a lot of time.

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automatic posting social media

Instagram Auto Posting

FlotFlot Social Media Posting Software makes your user experience greater than ever before. We’ve enabled for you auto posting on Instagram, as we’re realizing how important is it for each Instagram campaign. You are able to schedule all your posts at one place – stay free to schedule videos, images stories and carousels to all Instagram accounts.

Just order your ideal time for delivering and we’ll make it visible and shiny. Moreover, stay free to edit your scheduled list – change the time or date of posting time whenever you want before the publishing. Organize your Instagram stories and schedule them in your ideal time for posting on Instagram.

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Prepare your Social Media Posting for more features

Each package includes features you’ll simply adore. They are created for the best Social Media Scheduling and Posting experience.

Google Drive & Dropbox
social media automatic posting
Google Drive and Dropbox

Sync your G Drive and Dropbox. Use some already prepared images and save your time.

More than 14.000 elements and templates
social media posting tool
Image Editor

Use FlotFlot’s Image Editor and create the best content. It saves a lot of time and money.

Customers satisfaction
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Premium Support

Don’t hesitate to contact us 365/12/24! We are here to make things happen!

Social Media Posting in numbers:

Is it worth paying attention to marketing on social networks? Hmm, what do you think about it?

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Worldwide, there are over 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook!

There are over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users.

In 2020, Twitter's audience size is projected to reach 275 million monthly active users worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let your scheduling and posting on Social Media becomes even easier to manage and use.

How to auto post on Facebook?
  • Our Social Media Management Tool gives its best to make your Facebook posting more efficient and make it viral. We at FlotFlot are sure that Facebook automatic posting can be much more than just good. So we’ve created a premium Facebook Posting Schedule for those companies who are searching for the best possible results and engagements. Post your photos, videos, Live or any other Facebook content with our Social Media Planner.

Instagram Automation
  • We know that you are not a serious Digital Marketing Agency if your Instagram Posting Plan isn’t good enough. Rest assured, FlotFlot has everything required to make your business here big. There is advanced Instagram analytics, which allows you to be well-informed about each change on your accounts. Post your videos, photos and “As a Live stream” and stay engaged with your followers. Just wait to see our Instagram Bot!

Twitter Auto posting
  • It is always easier to get the perfect Social Media Posting Plan for each platform than for Twitter. But we’ll give our best to make your Twitter Posting Plan better. Dive into the world of best Social Media Ideas and make your Twitter accounts more visible. There are a lot of convenient features which are very helpful. Upgrade your Twitter Posting Plan with FlotFlot Social Media Planner and get ready for some outstanding posting on Twitter

LinkedIn Automation
  • This is one of the top Social Media platforms in the last few years. FlotFlot has a special offer for those who want to be visible on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn Posting Schedule is well-designed and easy to use. You need more accounts and more scheduled posts than ever before? You’re in the right place. Our Social Media Posting Platform is a great choice for those who want to go viral on LinkedIn. Schedule your LinkedIn thoughts, information, photos, videos or some other type of Social Media Content.

Tumblr Auto posting
  • Our Social Media Posting Schedule is an ideal system for those who are keen on using this platform. Everybody knows how efficient it is to take on those Tumblr challenges. Now you can schedule that content for everyday thanks to our Social Media Planner. Grow your businesses and Tumblr Posting activity with FlotFlot Social Media Management System. You can handle your bucket lists easier now and to-do-lists on Tumblr.

Vkontakte Auto posting
  • You want to promote your business on Vkontakte? This is a smart decision, and for those kind of decisions we built a Vkontakte Posting Planner. Schedule your Social Media Content on Vkontakte and be ready for new community promotions. Use our FlotFlot Posting Planner to provide your posting ideas and Vkontakte posting plan. Feel free to promote Public pages, Groups, Events, Apps, Websites and Videos via Vkontakte and we’ll schedule all of it!

What’s the Instagram Bot?
  • Finally, there is one really effective Instagram Bot, made for automatic activities on Instagram. Our Social Media Posting System have on mind that you need always more and more automatic activities for the growth of overall audience and for the bigger network of potentially new customers or users. Use this great feature to make your audience engaged and it will helps your posts to stay interactive and even more visible. Let the Instagram bot do things for you, and all you need is the patience.