General Terms And Conditions
End-User License Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully before installing or using this product.

If you agree to all of the terms of this End-User License Agreement, by checking the box or clicking the button to confirm your acceptance when you first install the web application, you are agreeing to all the terms of this agreement. Also, By downloading, installing, using, or copying this web application, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this End-User License Agreement, you are agreeing to all the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to all of these terms, do not check the box or click the button and/or do not use, copy or install the web application, and uninstall the web application from all your server that you own or control.

Note: With this script, We are using the official Social Media API (Facebook, Twitter, etc, except Instagram) which is available on Developer Center. That is a reason why this script depends on Social Media API(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). Therefore, We are not responsible if they made too many critical changes to their side. We also don't guarantee that the compatibility of the script with Socia Media API will be forever. Although we always try to update the latest version of the script as soon as possible. We don't provide any refund for all problems which are originated from Social Media API (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc).

If you do not accept the terms of this agreement and you purchased a product containing the web application from an authorized retailer, you may be eligible to return the product for a refund, subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable return policy.


•User – means individuals who are directly accessing the Services via an online sign-up process in accordance with the Agreement signed with the service provider.

• Active User – means individuals who have one or more active services.

• Inactive User – individuals without any services or services are canceled or terminated.

• Visitor – individuals that are browsing the Provider’s website at

• Services – During the Term, either or both services and products provided by the Provider and available via Providers’ website.

• Downtime – means that a system or service is not working at a given time.

• Monthly Services – Services where the client agrees to purchase services on a monthly basis.

• Long-Term Services – Services where the client agrees to purchase services for more than a 1-month period.

• Primary Language – English.

• Primary Currency – USD.

• Secondary Currencies – EUR.

• Billing Cycle – The usual time that is taken between sending a customer a list of the amount of money owed for goods or services and the money is received, taking into account the amount of time allowed to customers to pay.

• Billing Account – It is also known as Client Area. It presents the account at holding a summary of all types of services provided to the User.

• The Terms of Services control the conditions and procedures for the provision of services provided by FlotFlot (“Provider", “we", “us", “our") to the user of the services (“User”, “he”, “his”).

1. Provider’s Rights and Responsibilities

To any property in any shape or form, a refund is not applicable. Moreover, the User will be held responsible for this unilateral termination of service agreement initiated by the Provider.

An effort to cooperate toward a problem resolution as long as the User shows initiative toward mutual cooperation. However, if the Provider believes that it will cause a risk of another incident, re-activation of the service is not allowed to the User.

2. Additional Information Request.

Billing Policy

Service Cancellation


Prohibited Uses

General Guidelines

Intellectual Property

3. Basic Support Service Agreement

As a member of the ISPA, the Provider upholds and abides by the Code of Conduct described here:

• Credit Balance – The amount remaining in a cash account or margin account after all securities have been paid for.

• Confirmed affiliate income – The User’s income earned through the Affiliate System.

• Affiliate Earned Funds – The income that the User received.

• Complaining Party – the User or an interested 3rd party that submits a report, concerning the violation of Acceptable Use policy.

• Authorized payments – A money transfer scheduled on a predominated date to pay a recurring bill. These transactions are pre-approved by the User.

• FlotFlot products - represent a public one-click installation where the user receives the product on a key-to-hand basis. Each FlotFlot product consists of the following elements:

• FlotFlot software packages – Ready-made software solutions. FlotFlot has provided its users with complete and technically tested solutions based on applications owned by or by free open source CMS systems. The user of a FlotFlot package does not have the right to use and resell the programmatic source found on the panel of its user account. The software solutions installed are comprised of software elements as well as 3rd party servers and applications. Within each FlotFlot installation, there are special parts developed by a third party in their agency or multi-local distribution. The user has no right to use personal data and is not the owner of the same. FlotFlot reserves the right to terminate without any explanation a specific segment within each product. FlotFlot products are distributed in One-click format together with other elements and tested by the FlotFlot operator. Each FlotFlot product is delivered in an absolutely functional format. In case of errors or problems arising during the installation and use of FlotFlot products, the user is obliged to contact technical support. If a mistake is created by the operation of the factors in the FlotFlot Company’s control, it will be corrected in an imprecise manner within an adequate timeframe. In the event that an error occurred due to incorrect handling and administration of FlotFlot products, or incorrect changes to the FlotFlot program code, keeps the right to charge the mentioned error repair service with the price indicated on the site

• FlotFlot technical support – An integral part of each FlotFlot product is a certain level of technical support depending on the type of product.

• Types of this support – Live chat available for a specific period of time to all users and visitors to and refers only to information but not technical support.

• FAQ Support – FAQ is a knowledge base with the most common problems instilled within the user panel of the active FlotFlot user.

• Video campus – represents a special application segment available to active users of FlotFlot service in the form of video lessons for the use and administration of FlotFlot products.

• Ticket system – Within the user account, there is a ticket system where users can communicate with certain levels of technical or administrative support. FlotFlot is limited to return a reply within 48 hours.

• Premium Support – Within each FlotFlot of the product, there is a certain number of appointments depending on the type of product.

Application of Terms

• Terms of Service constitute the overall legal agreement between the Providers and regulate the rights of both parties.

• The application of these Terms takes effect from the date of its acceptance, materialized by the completion of the registration process.

• In Terms of Service, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, words indicating singular include the plural and vice versa. Similarly, an expression which denotes a natural person includes a juristic person and vice versa.

• The names of the articles of these rules are simply used for convenience and do not have any influence on interpretation by both parties.

General Terms and Conditions

• 1.1. The Provider does not guarantee or assume any kind of responsibility for damages suffered as a consequence of third parties’ access to the Site via the Internet.

• 1.2. The Provider is not liable for any damages caused by possible downtime of any service. However, in the knowledge of any issues which caused damage with its services, the Provider reserves the right to limit any amount paid in return to the User, for any of his services, to a maximum of 3 months of the monthly service fee.

• 1.3. The Provider is not liable or responsible for any service maintenance or delivery delays due which were produced by third-party services or other actions directly not controllable by the Provider. In cases where delivery is delayed due to external causes the customer has the right to request the next payment date to be moved accordingly.

• 1.4. The Provider reserves the right to demand an upgrade of any service in case when the Provider deems for it to be necessary. This is done in order to verify the stability of the service and the rights to equal performance for any neighboring service user.

2. User’s Rights and Responsibilities

• 2.1. The User undertakes to use the Site in accordance with the Terms of Service in any case of interaction.

• 2.2. If not in compliance with the obligations arising from these Terms of Service, the User agrees not to use any of the services provided by FlotFlot or Digital Energy Technologies LTD.

• 2.3. Any abusive act or omission which may be justified by involvement of third parties is not permitted. The User is always held liable for any implemented actions using resources bought or leased for temporary use.

3. User’s Non-Compliance

• 3.1. In the event that the User does not comply with Terms of Service, the Provider will act under the sole discretion in order to restore compliance.

• 3.2. The Provider is permitted to deny new orders and halt tasks, including support tasks that are already in progress.

• 3.3. The Provider will continue communication with the User with emphasis on the noncompliance issue only.

• 3.4. If the Provider’s efforts to restore compliance with Terms of Service fail because of the User’s non-cooperation, the Provider reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate any service for the User who violates Terms of Service. In case of such suspension or termination where the User acts deliberately and intentionally to cause damage.

• 3.5. Provider reserves the right to terminate, suspend, deactivate, or impede the usage capabilities of the User’s account for abusive, excessive and/or fraudulent use of the Service. Considering the severity of the incident the Provider may not contact the User prior to suspension. Such inaccessibility is not considered downtime.

• 3.6. In the case of any illegal activities which may occur, the Provider will contact appropriate legal authorities.

4. Uptime Guarantee

• 4.1. The Provider works hard to maintain servers’ uptime and guarantees a 99% uptime on all FlotFlot hardware and network connectivity. In any given two months, if the uptime guarantee is breached:

• Service downtime for additional 1 hour equals to additional 1 day to service due date.

• Service downtime for additional 4 hours equals to 1 week service due date (8 hours = 2 weeks etc.).

• Compensations are provided up to additional maximum of 1 month period to service due date.

• The uptime guarantee does not apply to 3rd party products (domains, cpanel, ssl and etc).

• Compensations are calculated on the User’s service lifetime. Compensations can only be issued for services which are active for at least for 3 month or more in such periods: 3 month (total of 22 hours downtime), 6 month (total of 43 hours downtime), 9 month (total of 66 hours downtime), 12 month (total of 87 hours downtime).

• Scheduled service maintenance does not apply as a downtime.

• 4.2.Compensation will be applied only if all invoices are paid for the impacted service.

• 4.3.Compensation will be applied in up to 7 days after customer report and confirmation from FlotFlot team.

Billing Account and Payment Policy

Billing Account

•2.1.In order to verify the provided information made by the User, the Provider has the right to request additional information from the User.

•2.2. Additional information includes (but is not limited to) ID card or passport copies. In the case that the User chooses to pay for his services by credit card, a credit card scan may be requested as well.

•2.3. The User undertakes to provide original, high quality, easily readable, uncropped scans or photos of the specified documents.

•2.4. The User is asked to provide additional information for various reasons

•2.5. If the User provides any information that is untrue, inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete, or if the Provider has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete, the Provider may terminate the User account and refuse current or future use of any or all of the Service.

•2.6. The provider has the unilateral right to suspend or terminate the User’s account if the User refuses to comply with Terms with no refund possibility. The Provider will act based on “User’s non-compliance" terms.

3. User’s Content Policy

•3.1. The User of the account is responsible for any actions carried out within the account and all resources given by the Provider.

• 3.2. The User has a duty to take care of their account and its safety.

•3.3. The User is solely responsible for making back-up copies of the User Web site and User Content if he doesn’t order specific service for that.

•3.4. The User is solely responsible for the preservation of his data. While the backups are being done by the Provider (if such feature is included within the User’s service), we do not guarantee that the contents of a The web site will never be deleted or corrupted, or that a backup of a Web site will always be available. The User should always make backups of the information that is relevant to him.

•3.5. In any case of data loss, The provider may not be held liable.

Billing and Payment Policy

•1.1. The invoice for the services is calculated according to the rates that are present on the website.

•1.2. The User is responsible to review billing information.

•1.3. If the User uses monthly services, invoices are generated 10 days before the due date.

•1.4. If the User uses long-term services, invoices are generated 25 days before the due date, if not stated otherwise.

•1.5. Due date reminders are sent respectively each day after the payment date for 3 consecutive days.

•1.6. The due date for the payment may not be changed by either party.

•1.7. An invoice generated for the next billing period of an active service may not be cancelled on request.

•1.8. If any outstanding invoices are unpaid within the specified period, related services will be suspended automatically.

•1.9. In case of service cancellation, all related invoices will be cancelled automatically.

•1.10. In case of order reconsideration, the former order is terminated and the related invoice is canceled.

•1.11. If there are outstanding invoices for the service in question, the Provider reserves the right to refuse some service upgrades. In such case, the User is asked to pay for the outstanding invoices prior to the upgrade.

•1.12. The Provider reserves the right to change the rates of services anytime. The Provider will give the User advance notice of any changes.

2. Payment Policy

•2.1. The currency initially assigned to the billing account may not be changed.

•2.2. Discounts provided for first-time accounts may not be used multiple times by the same person. Coupon/promotion abuse will not be tolerated and may result in the suspension or termination of the account.

•2.3. Currency exchange rates may cause the price change, and the Provider has no liability for such changes.

•2.4. Taxes imposed by any tax authority of any kind are not included in prices, if not stated otherwise. User is responsible to cover additional taxes that may be applied.

•2.5. Only the User himself may pay for his services. The Provider reserves the right to ask to prove the ownership of the credit card or any other medium of payment used.

•2.6. The Provider is not responsible for automatic transactions which are issued by third-party checkout services. It is the User’s responsibility to manage their third-party checkout services account settings to disable and avoid unwanted automatic transactions.

•2.7. By creating a billing agreement for authorized PayPal payments through the Client Area, the User gives permission for the Provider to process automatic transactions from his PayPal account. It is the User’s responsibility to create, manage and terminate

•2.8. By creating authorized credit card payments through the Client Area, the User gives permission for the Provider to process automatic transactions from his credit card.

•2.9. By using his PayPal account with FlotFlot, the User agrees to set PayPal as his default payment method for all future automatic transactions.

•2.10. Any type of fraud regarding the payment for the services is not tolerated. The services are terminated and the User is reported to legal authorities without prior notice if any illegal actions occur.

Cancellation and Refunds

•1.1. Services may be canceled by either party – the Provider or the User. However, the Provider cannot cancel the service on the User’s behalf.

•1.2. The Provider has the right to cancel the services if the User violates Terms of Service. This can be done without prior notice.

•1.3. The User has the right to cancel his service anytime by submitting the cancellation request through his billing account.

2. Refund Policy

•2.1. The Provider ensures 30-day money–back guarantee. The guarantee applies from the moment the service is activated and it applies for each service separately. Please note that the 30-day money back guarantee is not valid for 3rd party products and services. If the User has purchased a service that includes a free domain name and the user canceled the purchased product, the standard price for the domain name will be deducted from the refund amount. The refund excludes the value of 3rd party products and services without any exceptions. The refund excludes all payment and transfer fees made while order processing.

•2.2. In order to apply for a refund, the User must submit a refund request through his registered billing account.

•2.3. Refunds are provided to the User’s credit balance or via the same payment medium that was used by the User if applicable – the User’s payment gateway account or the User’s bank account.

•2.4. Refunds are applicable only if the User is in compliance with Terms of Service, has not undergone suspension or termination due to violations of Terms of Service before and has a clear abuse history.

•2.5. Refunds are provided for each service accordingly. However, the User may receive a refund for a specific service only once.

•2.6. Refunds are applicable only if the service is provided directly by the Provider. 3rd party products or additional services are not refundable. If the User has purchased a service that includes a free domain name and the user canceled the purchased product, the standard price for the domain name will be deducted from the refund amount. The refund excludes the value of 3rd party products and services without any exceptions.

•2.7. Refunds are not provided if the service was not accessible because of 3rd party illegal activities.

•2.8. The Provider reserves the right to make the final decision on any refund requests issued.

3. Chargebacks, Reversals and Retrievals

•3.1. Chargebacks are not considered an acceptable form of refunding. All payment refunds must be requested in accordance with the refund policy instead of issuing a chargeback or opening a transaction dispute. Chargebacks and/or disputes will be considered as payment fraud and will be a subject to full investigation.

•3.2. In order to appeal the chargeback or other payment dispute, the Provider will use all information including the User’s billing account profile, login history data and any communication between the Provider and the User.

•3.3. If the Provider receives a chargeback or a payment dispute from a Credit Card company, bank, via PayPal or any other payment gateway, all services related to the billing account of the User may be suspended without prior notice. Where applicable, domain disposal may be limited and requests to perform a transfer may be denied. These conditions apply to third-party products as well.

•3.4. For every instance of a chargeback or any other form of transaction retrieval, the User agrees to pay a $20 administration fee.

•3.5. To restore the services, the User is bound to make sure that all chargebacks, reversals and/or retrievals would be withdrawn. Moreover, the User must cover any financial mismatch caused by the chargebacks, reversals and/or retrievals before the services are restored. Any double payment resulting from this process will be added to the User’s billing account in the form of account credit.

Suspension and Termination

• 1.1. The Provider reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate any service for the User who either deliberately and intentionally or unintentionally violates Terms of Service.

• 1.2. The Provider reserves the right not to contact the User prior to suspension. However, the Provider may contact the User prior to suspension in an attempt to stop and avoid further adverse actions carried out by the User or third parties through the User’s resources.

• 1.3. The User must act immediately after receiving a notice from the Provider and take necessary actions. A time-frame may be specified by the Provider for the User to restore compliance with Terms of Service.

• 1.4. If the User does not cooperate, it will result in suspension and/or termination of services.

• 1.5. Consequently, the Provider will act based on “User’s non-compliance" terms.

• 1.6. In order to secure all the users using the server, the Provider reserves the right to temporarily suspend the server because of security issues until they are eliminated. It is not considered downtime, therefore, the User is not eligible for a refund.

• 1.7. Service data is kept for 30 days after suspension. However, the User may renew the services during this period for an additional fee.

• 1.8. 30 days after the suspension the services are terminated and the Provider no longer preserves any service data.

• 1.9. The Provider reserves the right to terminate the services immediately as to avoid damage to other users and/or 3rd parties if the User violates Acceptable Use Policy.

2. Termination

• 2.1. The Provider has the right to terminate the service immediately, with or without prior notification when the service is used intentionally to cause damage.

• 2.2. Refund is not applicable if the User acts deliberately and intentionally to cause damage to any property in any shape or form.

• 2.3. The services are terminated immediately if the User:

• creates a proxy service;

• is carrying out actions related to copyrighted data without having copyrights to that material;

• is using the server for unwanted e-mail (SPAM) or harmful software sending;

• is using the server to generate bitcoins (is performing bitmining);

• is serving/sharing files using torrent protocol;

• is scamming/phishing or other harmful for other internet users activities;

• is performing any kind of other illegal activities.

• 2.4. The Provider will act based on “User’s non-compliance" terms.

Acceptable Use Policy

• 1.1.The Service may be used for lawful purposes only. The User agrees not to use the Service for posting, transmitting or otherwise distributing illegal or other inappropriate material.

• 1.2.The prohibited uses include (but are not limited to) these actions:

• Fraud;

• Spam;

• Serving/sharing files using torrent protocol;

• Scamming/phishing;

• Malicious usage to disturb the work of the server;

• Abusive actions against other servers or users;

• DDos flooding or any other kind of flooding.

• 1.3.The Provider reserves the right to refuse the service if The user uses the service for prohibited uses that violate Terms of Service are not compatible with our policies or are considered illegal, harmful or threatening in any way.

• 1.4.If the User chooses to continue using the services for prohibited uses, the Provider will act under “User’s non-compliance” terms and may suspend or terminate the service with or without prior notice.

2. Anti-Spam Policy

• 2.1.The Provider takes a zero tolerance approach to the sending of Unsolicited Commercial Email or SPAM over our network.

• 2.2. The User undertakes the following obligations while using the service for mailing:

• The User must not use the Service to send any unsolicited and unwanted email correspondence;

• Not to provide and not to propose the service under the application of which 3rd parties could spread spam;

• To implement and support appropriate technical means that secure that any 3rd parties do not spread spam;

• Apply opt-in principle for any information sent via electronic means, and suggest effective means to refuse received spam;

• Not use the service to store, copy, send, publish and spread data (e.g. email addresses) under the aid of which the spam can be sent;

• Not to create open or easily exploitable mailing relays.

• 2.3. If the User is found to be in violation of Provider’s SPAM policy, the Provider may, at its discretion, restrict, suspend or terminate User’s account without notice.

• 2.4.If the User accused of spam rejects the accusation on the grounds that the complaining party (in this case – the recipient) agreed to subscribe to the User’s mailing list, the User must present proof of the recipient’s subscription.

• 2.5.If the User accused of spam refuses to cooperate and provide the required information, the Provider considers the User being guilty of the Spam Policy violation.

3. Unlimited Resources Policy

• 3.1. The Provider can limit disk space resources in some cases, but applies a limited amount of iNode resources depending on the product plan.

• 3.2.The Provider limit disk space and bandwidth for almost all services. If that isn’t situation resources usage as long as the usage of aforementioned resources comply with Terms of Service.

• 3.3.If disk space and bandwidth resource usage presents a risk to data storage, networking, stability, security, performance, and uptime of a web hosting server and affects other services or users, the Provider reserves the right to suspend the User’s service.

4. Copyright Policy

• 4.1. The Service must not be used to carry out any actions opposing legal acts, violations of rights to third parties, including (but not limited to) storing, publishing, sending, distributing, making publicly available or otherwise transferring any content considered by legal acts to be prohibited, limited, threatening, discriminative, violating others’ rights.

• 4.2.The User’s content must not oppose any legal acts within Germany, as well as the location of the service, or any party entitled to the content, as well as international regulations.

• 4.3.If the User uploads copyrighted material without permission, the copyright holder or an interested 3rd party may report copyright infringement to the Provider.

• 4.4.The Provider reserves the right to act upon judgment and suspend or terminate the services for the User if the User is reasonably suspected of copyright infringement.

5. Unacceptable Material

• 5.1.The Provider does not tolerate certainly unacceptable material, stored on his servers. Such material includes (but is not limited to):

• Gambling websites;

• Websites promoting illegal activities;

• Child pornography;

• Racist content;

• Incitement of strife, hatred or violence;

• Other abusive websites.

• 5.2.The Provider reserves the right to refuse the service if the material stored by the User violates Terms of Service, is not compatible with our policies or is considered illegal, harmful or threatening in any way.

• 5.3.If the User chooses to store unacceptable material, The provider will act under “User’s non-compliance” terms and may suspend or terminate the service with or without prior notice.

6. Unacceptable Resource Usage

• 6.1. Any malicious usage, as well as the over-usage of resources is strictly prohibited.

• 6.2.In cases where outside malicious activity affects neighboring users, the Provider reserves the right to take action against the User’s VPS to stop any effects on the performance of service.

• 6.3.This is taken against (but not limited to): containers under DDoS, containers used for scanning. As such, suspensions, null routes or connection restrictions may be applied.

• 6.4.Any of these common techniques and tools will be used to restore the balance of service neighborhood for as long as necessary.

• 6.5.The User agrees that such service outage is not considered downtime.

Report Submission Policy

• 1.1. If the User is conducting illegal activities while using FlotFlot services the Provider will get reports from the complaining party.

• 1.2. All reports must be prepared in fluent English.

• 1.3. The report is applicable only if it includes legal grounds which sustain the claim.

• 1.4. The complaining party must file the report in person, through a lawyer or a legal firm, authorized to represent the person or the company. If the report is submitted by a lawyer or a legal firm, a proof of representation agreement must be presented along with the report.

• 1.5. The complaining party must include sufficient and accurate contact information – an email and a telephone number.

• 1.6. The report must be submitted via email or through the Ticket System only.

2. Copyright Violation Report

• 2.1. In case of copyright violation, the Provider mediates between the complaining party and the User, if the User agrees to cooperate.

• 2.2. The copyright infringement report must contain (but is not limited to) the reasoning of the report and direct links to the copyrighted material. If the report is made by the copyright owner, it must contain evidence of the copyright ownership.

• 2.3. The Provider reserves the right to request additional information in order to confirm the violation of the copyright policy.

3. Phishing Report

• 3.1. An email phishing report must contain a copy of the phishing email in question. It must be attached in text form with full headers, timestamps, and source and destination data.

• 3.2. A screenshot of the phishing email in question is optional.

• 3.3. A website based-phishing report must contain a full URL path (not only a domain or a subdomain) to the phishing page.

• 3.4. A screenshot of the phishing website with a brief description is mandatory. The exact time of the screenshot taken must be provided as well.

4. SPAM Report

• 4.1. An email spam report must contain a copy of the email in question. It must be attached to the report in text, with full headers, timestamps, and source and destination data.

• 4.2. It is necessary to provide a brief explanation of why the complaining party considers the email to be spam.

• 4.3. A screenshot of the email in question is optional.

5. Network Abuse Report

• 5.1. In case of network abuse, including (but not limited to) flooding, spoofing, scanning, brute-forcing, exploiting and botnets, the complaining party must provide a sufficient amount of log excerpts and indicate the exact time of the incident in question.

6. Defamation and Libel Report

• 6.1. In the case of defamation and libel, the Provider reserves the right not to be put in the position to determine the veracity of the User.

• 6.2. The Provider will not judge, censor or control the content in any other form, even if the complaining party finds it offensive.

• 6.3. The complaining party has the right to express its concerns directly to the creator of the content only.

7. Child Pornography Report

• 7.1. A child pornography report must contain the exact URL where the abuse is taking place.

• 7.2.Any additional information to help the Provider determine the exact source of the content is strongly appreciated.

• 7.3. Suspected offenders are immediately reported to the legal authorities. The Provider fully cooperates with an ongoing investigation.

8. Credit Card Fraud Report

• 8.1. In case of a credit card fraud, the complaining party must provide the first and the last name of the cardholder along with the first 4 and last 4 numbers of the credit card in question, card type, and expiration date.

• 8.2. In case of unauthorized charges, the complaining party must provide the exact time and the amount of the charge in question.

Privacy Policy

• 1.1. Terms of Service does not give or transfer the User any rights to intellectual property that is not in his possession.

• 1.2. All rights to the software used during the process of service provision are protected and belong to the Provider or the Provider is authorized to use them.

2. Collected Private Information

• 2.1. Users of the Service are prompted to provide personal information upon registration. No personal information is collected without the user’s knowledge.

• 2.2. Collected private information is not disclosed to any third party by the Provider, unless specifically stated otherwise in these terms, for example in cases when appropriate legal authorities request such data in case of criminal activity performed by the User or through the User’s account.

• 2.3. The Provider reserves the right to use all of the information provided by any visitor, which he or she submitted during the registration process, as well as any other information.

• 2.4. The Provider reserves the right to use all the collected private information, including (but not limited to) the User’s email address for service related and marketing purposes.

• 2.5. By signing up or providing his or her personal information, the User agrees to receive service-related and marketing information, sent to him or her by the Provider.

3. Collected Anonymous Information

• 3.1. Every time the User visits the Website the Provider may collect certain information in order to provide higher quality services to the users of the service.

• 3.2. The collected anonymous information includes (but is not limited to) visitors’ IP addresses, related data (e.g., the internet address of the last website)

• 3.3. The Provider may collect and conserve the indicated information about all.

4. Cookies Policy

• 4.1. In compliance with privacy and data protection laws and regulatory framework, the provider may collect certain information using cookies.

• 4.2. The tracked information is used to supply, improve and manage the services. The use of the tracked information includes research, statistics and advertising purposes.

• 4.3. The tracked information is not transmitted to 3rd parties in any circumstances.

Customer Support

• 1.1. Basic support is available to every User under limited service basis.

• 1.2. The Provider reserves the right to deny any support service request if it is considered not eligible for non-paid support.

2. Support Availability

• 2.1. The User may contact the Provider with a professional assistance request, in which case the Provider will respond based on the type of request and the User’s acquired service level.

• 2.2. The Provider reserves the right to refuse service request under such conditions as insufficient service level or another tenable reason. Accordingly, a different service level may be offered by the Provider in order to carry out the request.

3. Non-Active User Support Service

• 3.1. The User who does not own any active services provided by the Provider has the right to request support for sales, general guidance, and assistance questions.

• 3.2. The Provider reserves the right to refuse service to any requests which are intolerable or harmful in any way.

4. Active User Support Service

• 4.1. The User who owns an active service provided by the Provider has the right to request basic support to ensure proper working conditions of any service from the Provider.

• 4.2. Basic support service comes free with any service provided by the Provider.

• 4.3. The User has the right to request additional support that he might need.

• 4.4. The Provider has the right to provide guidance, direct support or request the User to commit to a higher service level of support. If the required support service level is not available or declined by the User, the Provider reserves the right to refuse any additional support.

5. Advanced Support Service Agreement

• 5.1. The Provider provides a higher level of support for more complicated issues and tasks.

• 5.2. The User may acquire higher level support for an additional fee.

• 5.3. Advanced support service request must be sent and registered in the form of a ticket. The request must include a detailed explanation of what needs to be done. The Provider will evaluate the request and suggest a certain type of support service, regarding the nature and complexity of the task. While evaluating, the Provider undertakes the obligation to suggest the most appropriate and least expensive method of billing.

• 5.4. The User is free to accept the offer and send a prepayment or withdraw the request at once. The User will only be billed after both parties reach an agreement.

• 5.5. This support service is based on-agreement basis following 4 steps described below:

• Full customer inquiry, with a detailed explanation on what must be done;

• Administrator’s reply with scheduling and invoicing;

• The User’s agreement and payment;

• Task execution.

• 5.6. After the task is completed and the response is submitted in the form of a report, the inquiry is considered as fully fulfilled. The User has the right to request additional information on the configuration done.

• 5.7. The Provider reserves the right to refuse any additional requests after the main task is complete if additional requests are considered not related to the issue.

Compliance with Local Organizations

As a member of the ISPA, the Provider upholds and abides by the Code of Conduct described here: