FlotFlot Affilate Program

Besides providing quality service of
Social Media Posting and Scheduling,
FlotFlot team would like
to award its users generously!

  • Big commission
  • An opportunity to earn a lot
  • Receive 10% of any payment your referral made
  • Up to 50$ welcome credit
  • Each client you bring to FlotFlot is making money for you
Let's do the math!
If you send us 10 new customers who are interested in our Instagram PRO package in any month, you will get:

10 x (1/10 x $24.99)= $24.99/ monthly

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Why Do We Have An Affiliate Program?

After a long period of time since FlotFlot was launched, we decided to award our clients with special benefits they will get by recommending FlotFlot Social Media Posting and Scheduling System.

Social Media Posting Plan

You are a part of our business!

When we were building FlotFlot, we didn’t want to be one of those businesses that is not in touch with their base. So we thought that an affiliate program could be just the thing to keep our users involved, as a part of the business.

Many of FlotFlot's customers like our service so much that they often decide to share their experience with the other agencies and influencers dedicated to the Social Posting and Post Scheduling and support they are getting with FlotFlot.

Social Media Posting Tool
Social Media Posting Software

FlotFlot’s Affiliate Program Sounds Good to You?

Request Your Affiliate Account and consider to quit your current job!

Social Media Posting Schedule
How Much Can You Earn With FlotFlot?

A lot! Basically, we are an extremely open-minded company with the great attitude towards our users. If you are serious enough and cooperate with us and if we "click" we will be pleased to accept you as our partner and offer you amazing commissions.

Social Media Scheduler
What we are offering?

We are offering many different types of Social Media Posting and Scheduling Plans and packages, and it is up to you which package you will use for the best promotion of your business.

Based on the price of packages, your commission can be changed.

Automatic posting on Instagram
What Will You Get From FlotFlot, Except the Money?

What is more, you will not only get a great commission for every sale but we will provide you marketing material (banners in different sizes, email templates etc. You can take it from your account in the Affiliate section). We will be here for you in any moment!

auto posting in Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions - Affiliated Program FlotFlot

Check what’s the biggest doubts about our Affiliate Program!

What Is Affilate Marketing?
  • Affiliate marketing is about relationships. It relies on a relationship between a merchant (FlotFlot team) and you, the affiliate/publisher, as well as a relationship between you and consumers. When you promote the merchant’s product or service offerings (on your blog, website, social media feed, etc.) and a consumer purchases a product/service from the brand based on your promotion, the merchant pays you a revenue share of the sale that you helped generate.

When I’ll Be Paid Out?
  • Your minimum payout is $ 100. It means you need to bring as much customers as you can, but you’ll be abble to pick up your money after you earn $100 on your FlotFlot affiliate account.

How Can I Promote Your Business?
  • Your account already has predefined banners which you can use to post to your social networks and other places. It is simple, just share your affiliate link with the world. Within your account, you will have a clear statistic of visits, new registrations and everything else.

How Can I Earn A Bonus?
  • When you registrate, you’ll recieve a 20-bucks credit, but you can earn $30 more if you follow some of the active promotions and some instructions we’ve made for our affiliates.